No More Damp Rising

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What is Damp Rising?

Rising damp is a natural physical phenomenon caused by ground moisture rising up with a permeable wall by capillary action.

Water molecules have been shown to form dipoles (like magnets) that orient themselves to travel upward through the pores in walls.

A bit of science to understand the process of rising damp?

The water flowing in fault lines under a building create, through friction, an electric charge of between 50 and 500 millivolts. This capillary tension draws water up from the ground (+) into the walls (−).

Rising damp is characterized by the presence of mineral salts in the walls, such as nitrates (derived from animal wastes), and sulfates (from rock).

What are the signs?

Damp is detectable or even commonly visible as:

  • a tide mark (generally seen as a wavy line sometimes up to 1.4 m high) 
  • Loose paint
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Flaking walls, stains
  • Whitish or grayish crusting on walls (saltpeter)
  • mineral salt blooms, etc.

Why I.P.E® Pro+

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